Hardwood flooring, when properly installed, can be a wonderful treat for homes and select indoor settings. Hardwood flooring adds value to any location where it is installed. Hardwood is incredibly vulnerable to water damage, so if there are moisture issues with the subfloor that aren’t recognized by the installation crew and remedied before the hardwood is placed, it can spell disaster. At DeSitter Flooring, we always check for moisture issues before going forward with the installation, and will never place hardwood on a subfloor that isn’t properly prepared. We offer your choice of prefinished and unfinished hardwood, and solid or engineered hardwood. Whether you’re going for a natural look or a customized one, something stylish or eco-friendly, we install it all. No matter which you choose, we put the work in to install it correctly.

Many customers have slight difficulty deciding on whether to go with prefinished or unfinished wood. The best way to decided would be to understand what it means for a hardwood flooring product to be prefinished or unfinished. Prefinished flooring, also known as factory finished, is wood flooring that is already sanded, stained and completely finished during the manufacturing stage at the factory in a controlled environment. Unfinished flooring, also known as site-finished, is flooring that is sanded, stained and finished on site at installation. There are advantages to both types of flooring, but the ultimate decision really depends on your specific taste, the environment in which the floor would be installed, your budget, and the time frame you have for the project to be completed. Our sales staff can go over all the details of your flooring needs and help you make the best informed decision on which type to choose for your project.

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