Laminate Flooring is a type of synthetic flooring that is made up of different layers. The bottom layer is the backing, followed by a core layer that is made of a fiber board, the third layer is the design layer which has the high-resolution print that gives the laminate it’s appearance and lastly is the top layer that serves as the protection layer. Laminate is often used when customers want the look and durability of hardwood or natural stone flooring but not the costs that come with it. It’s very durable, easy to install and clean, has no defects, great choice for areas that develop moisture, has stain resistance and requires very little maintenance.

Laminate, like hardwood, is susceptible to water damage. Though the top layer is far more water resistant than hardwood, the bottom and sides aren’t as well protected.  Laminate can easily be destroyed if water gets to the inner core of the material, meaning that subfloors with moisture issues absolutely have to be treated before laminate can be placed. Care also has to be taken to leave enough space between the laminate planks and the walls to allow for expansion and contraction throughout the year, but not so much that the boards can come apart and create gaps. Laminate can be floated over an existing floor, giving you the option of removing it later, or it can be glued down for a more permanent change. We offer either, so the choice is yours!  With DeSitter Flooring’s plethora of experience, you can be certain that our laminate installation job will be exactly what you expect.

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